Saturday, January 30, 2016

WHAT is the MATTER with ME? by Jazlan Ahn

We are all MATTER

The only problem with matter is that we
forget that we are all created from it.

The Earth is our Matter
our Mother - our Mater

The Earth is the only reason
Just like the animal kingdom we
are created with the same
earthly ingredients
Yet we as HUMANS
BEHAVE as if we are  SUPERIOR

~ We are NOT ~

The problem with MATTER is that we
may have forgotten that we have
to be a part
There really is no problem
with MATTER itself ~

There is no problem
No problem at all...

Except for the MATTER that
EXISTS when we forget that
WE are a part of ALL


copyright.2015.Lindsey K. Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn

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