Thursday, March 12, 2015


When we are infants we are innocent.  We do not understand linear language until a certain age.  The English language is the crudest form of linear expression.  It has very little dimension to it.  It is one of the few languages on the planet that is flat, single dimensional and void of expansion.  The Chinese language for instance, has multiple meanings and a variety of phonics.  The Hebrew language even has a numerical aspect and definition. 


Language is powerful.  Language is found in our media and is woven throughout the web of human society.  It can distract, distort and cloud human consciousness.  The human mind is fragile.  It is malleable.  It can become distorted through repetitive saturation of information and sound if it does not have the emotional stability to recognize the difference between what is real and what is an illusion.  A mind that has been damaged and then distorted through saturation may not be able to recognize preciousness or behave in a way that responds to reality in a civil and humane way.  Why is this?  A saturated mind cannot see the truth or comprehend reality -as it relates to the preciousness of life.  It lives in its own world which is separate from that which could be defined as PRECIOUS.  

A saturated mind (...a mind that has been distracted, distorted and separated from what is sacred and precious) defaults to a program which it has adopted from familial programming, language, media, and societal conditioning.  It then adheres itself to a simulated reality that will support its need for survival.  This program will fight and even kill in order to support the illusion.  The illusion is nothing more than a belief that has been given full control of the human mind.  This is found in every criminal mind on the planet earth.  It doesn't matter who they are, it is all the same kind of programming.  It is a program of distortion and destruction. 

Humanity will have to take full responsibility for the program of separation and distortion as an entire community in order to combat this disease.  It is a disease of the mind.  This is not an isolated problem or incident.

When we stay in our comfort zones and do nothing to take a stand for shifting the illusion; we are all held accountable.  copyright.2015.Lindsey K. Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn