Monday, September 16, 2013

Fifth Element Gender Dynamics by Jazlan Ahn

~Art imitates life on a cosmic level in the movie 
“The Fifth Element”  

In the movie, there is a heroine...

She is "Leelou" a "Supreme Being" who is
brought to the planet for the purpose of
saving the world from evil and destruction. 

 Her body is regenerated in a government
lab from a remnant of her DNA.

Much to the surprise of the scientists the
supreme being turns out to be a woman. 
She is both powerful and fragile. 

The is another important character
in the movie.  His name is Corbin Dallas.
Corbin falls in love with LeeLou,
the Supreme Being.

At first, Corbin assumes that Leelou is just
an incredibly beautiful woman who needs his
protection.  He finally realizes that LeeLou is
not only beautiful, but highly intelligent.

At the end of the movie, Corbin Dallas is the
one who actually saves LeeLou.

Corbin manages to take possession of the
enemy’s space craft and escape from an
exploding celestial cruise liner!

Corbin proceeds to navigate the space craft
('s like driving a cab...) 
to Egypt where LeeLou is called upon
to fulfill her primary task as
the "Supreme Being".

When they arrive in Egypt, LeeLou is
exhausted, mentally overwhelmed
and emotionally depleted.

She struggles to function, but she
cannot see the value in protecting life
when there seemingly is no indication that
humanity will recover from greed, hatred,
separation, destruction and war..
(haven’t we been there before?)

It's up to Corbin to save the day!
He succeeds in doing this by proclaiming
his love for LeeLou.

LeeLou  responds by opening her
heart to Dallas and VOILA! 

They kiss and unite as ONE...
activating a super nova of cosmic love!

The enemy (Mr. Shadow) is finally
destroyed and all life on planet earth
is thereby saved; PHREW!

It turns out that the supreme being
was NOT able to single handedly complete
her mission without the balance and
recognition of her masculine
component in the physical realm.

Why is that?   

Because… it is the masculine component of
creation that ignites the feminine aspect of life
into full submission of regeneration,
rebirth and renewal. 


The masculine component of creation
ignites the feminine aspect of life force energy.

The result is EVOLUTION!

copyright.2015.Lindsey K. Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn