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The Soul Agreement with Planet Earth

The Soul Agreement with Planet Earth
by Jazlan Ahn

There are three categories of creation which respond, influence, and embody divine intelligence.  Each one of these categories is reflected through macro and micro aspects of creation.  They represent the cosmos, the planet earth, and the human soul.  These are realities of creation which reflect, and influence one another.  These realities of creation are affected by human thought, emotions, words, sounds, and physical action.   
Let us begin by addressing the planet earth herself.  The earth as well as the human form is composed of genetic composition which adheres and responds to various coordinates of life force blueprint.   The planet earth as a celestial body resides in a location of space and time where galactic synthesis corresponds through resonance and transformation.  The human being also resides in a particular geographical location on the planet earth which may also offer events that may correspond to resonance and transformation.  Although the human mind is most likely unaware of it, the planet earth as well as the human being is continuously responding to various creations of simultaneous exchange and multi dimensional synchronicity.  Divine intelligence in- action - is recognized through the acknowledgement of universal, planetary, and human interactive progressions.  

There is divine purpose for astronomical location and geographical coordinates.  There are specific reasons and purpose as to why and where a human being has been incarnated.  This decision is distributed through the representation of divine intelligence that lives within every human soul.  The divine-aspect of the human being decides the location and blueprint of life in which the soul will be incarnated into.  God is the essence of each human soul.  This is the inherent “God” aspect of divinity which is being referred to here.  It is not a reference however; to a God that sits on a throne and dictates the fate of every human soul.  The soul is an aspect of divine creation.  It is God essence.  The divine intelligence of the soul determines the life blueprint and geographical location of incarnation.  The planet earth also has a soul.  The soul of the planet earth is in partnership with the divine.  It also has an agreement with divine creation.  It resides in a location and place within the astronomical coordinates of the universe.  The earthly soul of planet earth is a creation of divine intelligence. 
The universe is a macrocosm of the reality of earthly human existence.  In other words, the microcosm is affected by the macrocosm of the universe.  The macro and micro cosmic dance has not been commonly understood.  Larger aspects of creation will ultimately experience, replicate, or exchange similar realities, events, and structures as their micro sized affiliates respond and synchronize where they reside in other realms or locations within the cosmos.  Conversely, micro sized life forms may also experience or be influenced by the mirror reflection of events, experiences, and phases of growth as corresponding macro creations of intelligence parallel and shift.  

These creations may appear to be completely different on the surface.  They may not look the same, act the same, or resemble one another in any way.  This does not matter because the divine intelligence of “soul” which is related, familial, and similar, is all that matters.  The essence of soul which is in direct relation to omnipotent divine intelligence, or God, has many counter parts which are located throughout the universe.

The universe is a playground of interactive intelligence.  It is designed to be completely interactive.  What is the purpose of all of this?  The purpose is to expand and create new universes that are enriched with opportunity for expansion, fertility and growth.  Omnipotent divine intelligence is not a man, a woman, or a “thing”.  The human mind is not capable of comprehending its vast meaning until it has experienced many levels of micro and macro cosmic rotations of transfiguration through the fusion of embodiment.  

There are many types and forms of “embodiment”.  It is not limited to the physical body! 
This is not a game; it is cosmic nature in action.  Planetary nature serves as a divine mirror for humanity although humanity has not fully embraced this wisdom or recognized its true value.  The nature kingdoms of the planet earth are in direct relationship to spiritual, cosmic, planetary, and conscious human evolution.  

Nature is humanity's gateway to
higher consciousness and expansion!

copyright.2015.Lindsey K. Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn

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