Sunday, January 3, 2016

Reconsider the BEING of Human by Jazlan Ahn

"The LAST resort might
have been the FIRST response!"
~ Jazlan Ahn

Can we possibly EVOKE an image, an emotion, or a thought form that will summon our hearts to join together as ONE? 

Does humanity have to WAIT for an APOCALYPSE to happen before we respond to one another in UNITY? 

Is mass destruction the ONLY way to prompt humanity to join together as ONE?

We talk about unity and oneness all of the time.  I have yet to see it happen - or sustain itself (after the workshop or seminar???).

What will it take for humanity to achieve the depth of humility and URGENCY necessary in order for a sense of brotherhood to return?

Do we really need trauma and crisis as a catalyst? 

We have seen it happen over and over again.  A natural disaster occurs; a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, flood, earthquake, etc.  People tend to open their hearts, displaying heroism and good deeds, etc.  This behavior is demonstrated  through a common-ground experience of crisis.  

Do we really need this kind of drama in order for humanity to respond in brotherhood? 

Unfortunately, the behavior of good will towards humanity seems to have a limited - shelf life.  It is typical for all to be forgotten -three months or so after the event.

We are living in a world of convenience but there is trauma all around us.  We may choose not to be aware of it or notice it but it is still there.

There is that thing about --that thing called LOVE.  It is still a very BIG THING. 

Somehow western society is moving away from the compassion that prompted the so called "new age" movement into being.

We are more apt to ignore a crisis and keep walking while sipping out of our Starbuck's coffee cup.

"Complacency is humanity's greatest adversary"
 ~Jazlan Ahn

Our society is becoming numb.  When we lose track of our humanity we will truly be spiritually bankrupt. 

copyright.2015.Lindsey K. Delapoer/Jazlan Ahn

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